Love me when I live,heaven knows my story,shreds of a million wishes,that only your touch can complete.If my heart bespeaks the truth,these tears are real.
The blood in my veins speaketh of you,the thought of you twitches my muscles,if only the willows have tongues to tell tales,then I could paint this deep want of you,and the brushes would never suffice,to say even but how you make me feel.
For all ages I know no more pain than this,to give all my estates,how painful to fall in love alone.Carry my body to the shrine and tell me how it feels to burn and not die…How sad it feels to lie to a child….How cruel it is to kill hope.
The angels cry with me,as I remember your words,which hurt my heart.Wipe your tears and clean your guilt..for they lush veritable with hypocrisy..you know not why you cry,for you know not how to love,me.
You lied to my heart,and now I give you also my body and soul


2 thoughts on “HEART,BODY AND SOUL

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